the less-privileged men and women deserve access to higher education that is open and flexible.

The Center for Development through Open Learning, Publishing and Communication (CEDOLPC) is a non-profit organization based in Bangladesh. CEDOLPC removes barriers to accessing education and catalyzes economically empowered and dignified livelihoods for the less fortunate among us.

  • Our Mission Is Simple

    The Center aims at conducting research, practicing development works, planning and helping implementation of education projects and disseminating results and ideas nationally and globally – all to alleviate poverty and attain confidence , respect and self-reliance for the less privileged individuals and the community.

    our goal
  • Our Projects Create Lasting Impact

    - The Center is less than 10-year old
    - Non-profit development organization for research, training , and publication and educational consultancy
    - Registered in Dhaka with the appropriate government agency in 2006
    - Focus: First five years was on modest development works through ICT-enabled adult education, research, training and livelihood program

    Focus: Current focus during the second five years (2011 – 2015) :
    - The Center is now concentrating in the service of Higher Education through several measures.
    - One being working for Quality Assurance through Faculty Development.
    - This is to be executed through training in Research and Publication in particular.
    - This is targeted to be achieved via technology-oriented practices and communication (in cluding open, flexible, online and e-learning modes). Pedagogy or training in teaching learning will be taken up shortly.

    CEDOLPC’s founder and Chairman is a Consultant with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Vancouver, Canada; a Member of the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), Oslo, Norway, and an independent Consultant in Bangladesh on faculty development, open learning, publication and communication.

    The Center’s Associates and on-call Consultants include multi-disciplinary academics, researchers and professionals , quite a few of whom had their advanced education and training in some of the most reputed universities, home and abroad.

    -- Currently, the Center operates from two small offices – one from its registered office at Uttara Model Town, and the other from its Chairman’s personal office at Banani.
    -- Consultants normally function from their own workplaces, but Consultation is available at the Center on prior appointments.

    Present focus: Though a new Center in the field, it is equipped with acceptable expertise nationally and globally.
    -- CEDOLPC has maintained a low profile so far. Now from the recent past, it has ventured to take initiative to help University Teachers as far as Research and Publication-related activities are concerned.
    -- This Faculty Development task is set to be a continuous activity.
    -- With possible and active cooperation from concerned institutions, the Center is optimistic about its ability to meet its goals to a considerable extent.

    CEDOLPC under its present policy is determined to run its training, research and development programs on university faculty development on a non-profit basis, as a gesture of modest service to education in particular, and to the nation in general.

    The Center believes that quality improvement of teachers will lead to the same in learning by students and ultimately to the overall standard in higher education.

    At the university level, CEDOLPC considers knowledge creation and its dissemination through research, training and publication as one of the major means of faculty development which in turn will enhance quality higher education, in addition to quality teaching itself.

    CEDOLPC took up one of its first projects in a rural area of Bangladesh in November 2006. Later it received support from Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Center for Urban Studies, and Pimedia. As part of an 'Adorsho Gram' (Ideal Village) with long-term, sustainable program, cedolpc has already completed a year-long innovative, small-scale pilot program at Arshinagar in Shariatpur district of Bangladesh. The project at Arshinagar is aimed at alleviating poverty through open and distance learning, using ICT in a remote, rural location. Primarily, the activities were performed through promotion of functional literacy and skill development for better livelihood. In the first batch, fifty-three men and women (65% being women) learned how to read, write and do simple arithmetic. In addition, 22 young women developed skill in tailoring and embroidery works, 12 of them having started production for sale and better livelihoods. Ten senior boys and girls have learned basics of personal computer in a rural area where they had never seen a computer!

    CEDOLPC, a new, only less than 10-year old, independent research, training, publication and development center, is also engaged to service to Higher Education as one of its major activities. Initially, this is planned through Faculty Development initiatives, among other works. This is aimed at encouraging young, less experienced, otherwise talented university Teachers and Researchers determined to become successful in their academic and professional career.

    So far the Center, maintaining a low profile, remained involved in ICT-enabled education, open learning and development works, occasionally related to 'training of teachers' and 'to academic writing and publication'. Now that some of CEDOLPC's well qualified associates (both very senior and junior alike) -- academics, researchers and professionals have more time during its second and current five years (2011 – 2015), the Center has plans to accelerate and concentrate on projects and studies on quality assurance, faculty development, specially through Research, Writing and Publication. CEDOLPC's panel of Associates and Consultants includes senior and mid-level academics, researchers and dedicated professionals who have had their advanced education and training in some top universities like Oxford, London, Stanford, Harvard, UBC, UVic, Tokyo, Delhi, Dhaka, BUET, Jahangir Nagar, NSU, BracU, etc.

    our projects